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USBC Open Championships 2017

The Nationals 2017, Bowling Tournament

Bowling the Open Championships in Las Vegas, 2017
USBC Open Championships 2017 South Point Bowling Plaza
Just got back from bowling in the USBC Championships with 9 other long time bowling friends. We bowled in the South Point Bowling Plaza, in Las Vegas. It is a relatively new venue and the first time the Nationals have been held here. It is a beautiful center, that looks new and is very clean. Plenty of room around for all the balls and bags. The bowling was very difficult, as it always is, with the new oil for doubles being the most challenging for me. This was a memorable trip, because of the venue and the company.


International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

Visit to the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame
International Bowling Museum Bowling Pin sign
Recently went to visit my daughter and son in law in the Dallas area, and on day one we visited the Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington. It was a cool weather day, and a little late in the afternoon and it was empty except for a few employees. So, we had the place to ourselves.
Bowling Museum lobby with an interesting bowling themed motorcycle
Inside the lobby is this very interesting motorcycle and just to the left is the gift shop. Paid our admission and went inside. Also, we did get a discount for being USBC members. I didn't see that posted, but was asked if we were members.
Wooden bowling pins in a 9 pin arrangement
All kinds of history about bowling and its vast popularity. Displays and exhibits some with narration to educate.
Retro BOWL neon sign from the 1950's.
bowling 10 pins set and ready to strike
One could spend a couple of hours learning about the history of this sport. From how it started, it's booming popularity in the 1950's & 60s, to where it is today, including the professional bowling level.
International Bowling Training & Research Center building
Lobby of the Bowling Training and Research Center
Adjacent is the International Bowling Training & Research Center. Inside here is where bowling equipment is tested and training videos are created. Recently I just saw on tv, a bowling tournament held here for the SWAC College Bowling Championship.
USBC International Bowling Campus
International Bowling Training & Research Center with flags
Also, behind closed doors is the bowling robot, EARL. We didn't get a glimpse but was told by a guy testing the lanes for flatness, that behind those doors was his home.
Kelley lounging inside the Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame
Overall, an interesting visit. Was very informative and better than we expected. People of bowling interests, especially league bowlers should visit this museum. It is presented well and quite interesting.
International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

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Bowling Bag Tags

Bowling Bag Tags

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BOWL bag tag luggage tag for bowling bag
backside of bowling bag tag customizable

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Unique Honor Score Items

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Most Popular Bowling Gifts!

Most Popular Bowling Gift Items!

The following are the most popular items for bowling gifts right now. These customizable items are sure to please the recipient of that special honor score. That special date can be found on USBC's / find a member
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