Customize & Personalize

All of these products are designed with the ability to customize. I want the finished product to have meaning to the individual it’s meant for.

Take this “bag tag” for example. This is the way it is currently designed on the front.

bowling bag tag as designed for the bowler

The date at the bottom is customizable. Enter the date of the 300 game bowled. And if you don’t like it displayed this way, then change it to something else. Maybe you don’t like the black background behind the graphic. Then you can change that too.

bowling bag tag customized color

Now it’s red or whatever you choose. The backside is printable, and currently looks like this.

bowling bag tag backside as designed

You enter the bowler’s name, address and phone number here. But if you don’t want some of this, then you can put in whatever you want, such as the 300 date bowled.

bowling bag tag back with game date

And if you made the background on the front side a different color, you can change it here also.

bowling bag tag with back side color change

The font style can be changed with many options. The size of font can be bigger or smaller. The color of the fonts can be changed. And the location can be changed. So, any of these “one of a kind” designs can be truly a unique item, with your personalization.

Bowling Shirts can be customized.

300 game bowling shirt in black

This one is black and can be changed to white. The bowling date needs to be changed to black.

300 game bowling shirt in white

Customizable iPhone Case, this is what it looks like now.

600 bowling series on phone case as designed

You can change the size and or the location of the design graphic. Personalize by adding the bowling date. And if you don’t like the location, move it. Here I moved the name, the word series, changed the bowl date and resized the graphic. All easily customized before ordering.

600 bowling series customized by changing entries

There are many different products and all customizable.
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Customizable Soccer Products are Easy to Personalize.

Here is a popular soccer themed three ring notebook with soccer graphics. One of many notebooks and binders with soccer graphics.

Soccer themed notebook as designed

The custom features allow you to add player names, jersey numbers, dates, team names, etc. This notebook is just one of many examples. Here is how it is currently designed.

First you will want to change the players name.

Soccer themed notebook after name change

Here I changed Tyler to Maddie and enlarged the type and centered it in the space.
You can change the font style here also.

Soccer themed notebook with black inside
Soccer themed notebook can be black or white inside.
Soccer themed notebook with white inside
Here I changed it to white.
Soccer themed notebook backside as designed

The back has a mirror image of the front.

Soccer themed notebook backside changed to black

Maybe you don’t want that.
You can delete the photos and make it a solid color.
You can even upload and put your own photos on it.

The possibilities are endless and the product choices are many.
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